Vision & Ethos

"With faith, we care, share and learn together"


As a Church of England School, we are dedicated to mainitaining a Christian ethos in a caring, family atmosphere.

We aim to develop children's academic potential and personal qualities through child-centred learning opportunities, supporting them to be well-rounded individuals. 

We nurture skills, knowledge and understanding within a Christian ethos, where our values of kindness, respect and independence are prioritised.

We equip children with the tools they need to develop physical and mental wellbeing. 

We strive to provide opportunities for the children to explore places, cultures and experiences that they would otherwise  not have access to through trips, events and planned activities which build and develop their cultural capital.


The children of Bradwell CE Infant School are encouraged to become thoughtful, caring members of the community.




Our Unique Approach


We are the only Infant School in the Hope Valley and we pride ourselves on the way that we approach teaching and learning at Bradwell Infants.


We are the only school in the Hope Valley that does not have all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children together in one class. We recognise the unique differences of the EYFS and Key Stage 1 curriculums, as well as the different teaching and learning needs of children aged 4-7. Therefore, we made a decision in January 2023 to ensure that all children's needs are met through a carefully oganised curriculum and a bespoke class set up. 


The Reception children are taught in Beech Class each morning with a teacher, focussing on phonics, English, reading practice and maths through direct teaching, small group work and continuous provision. They are then joined by the Year 1 children in the afternoons, where the Year 1 children engage in KS1 foundation subject teaching, as well as having access to continuous provision, to apply skills learnt. Both classes have a teaching assistant each afternoon to support the children. Chestnut Class has a teaching assistant each morning too, to support children with their learning.


Chestnut Class has Year 1 and 2 children in the mornings for English and Maths teaching, then just the Year 2 children in the afternoons for KS1 foundation subjects.


All children are taught year group specific lessons for all subjects, apart from English, where the Year 1 and Year 2 children are taught mixed age literacy units and complete different year group activities.


This unique class organisation works very well to ensure that all children's needs are met at an age appropriate level and in an inclusive and child centred way.