Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

At Bradwell CE Infant School, we teach children about relationships education as part of our Personal, Social, Helath & Economic (PSHE) curriculum. 


Why is RHE important?

Our ability to make and maintain healthy, positive and productive relationships is part of what makes us human and is fundamental to a caring and supportive society. Our children are constantly trying to make sense of the world around them and they look and listen to all the messages they experience. 


What is the purpose of RHE and RSHE in primary schools?

A planned and porgressive programme of RHE and sex education (Key Stage 2 only), gradually and appropriately begins to prepare our children for adult life. It teaches the skills they need to fully manage the natural physical and emotional changes that will happen to them as they grow and mature into healthy, confident and responsible adults. RHE teaches the skills children need to develop positive, healthy relationships. It supports their moral developemnt, helping them to understand themselves and to respect and care for others.


Parent Consultation

During January 2024, we consulted with our parents through a form in order to gain a parental perspectve on our RHE curriculum and teaching. Responses were collected, analysed and taken into consideration when finalising our RHE policy. A summary of parental responses can be found below.


Summary of parental responses:

Out of 29 forms sent out, we received 17 responses back. 

100% of the 17 responses were positive about all 3 areas; 'Relationships Eduaction', 'Health Education' and 'Privacy and Correct Language'.


Some comments from parents;


"Happy for this content to be taught / covered with my child. Extremely confident it will be delivered in an appropriate way. Important life skills that we will also support and communicate at home."


"It is a very good thing and needs to be started early and slowly as outlined."


"many thanks for keeping us informed. The RHE curriculum sounds great."


"This is vital info and something all parents should support from a safety point of view!"


"We feel all 3 areas of RHE are vital. Pleased to be signposted to the resources used to teach this."



Parent Consultation letter


Parent Guide to RSHE


RHE Policy April 2024